About Us

Human Resource remains a crucial powerhouse to every budding and established business anywhere in the world. The inefficiencies of interaction between employers, employees, and stakeholders take a toll on businesses and it‘s people whether we like to admit it or not.

Elevolt was born to be that all-around human resource tool for all things HR. We saw the need to pivot from the traditional human resource management ways to better, efficient tools that empower all business players in their own right.

Vision statement

To be an unmatched integral unit for HR functions in businesses and organizations in the modern world.

Mission statement

To accelerate and streamline hiring and onboarding processes for companies and individuals and ensure professionals meet opportunity efficiently and effectively.


Being EPIC is What We Stand For!



The core of our product is to provide fast, seamless, cost-effective solutions for local businesses and thriving careers.



We love nothing more than to be the shortest tale to your success story and that‘s fueled by our passion.



With the dynamic changes in human resources, we are constantly looking for new, fresh and creative ways to stay ahead of the competition.



Answering one if not all your HR needs is at the heart of what we do so that you can focus on what you do best.