Cutting Edge Tactics To Encourage “Purpose” In Young Employees

Oct 14, 2020

3 minutes

When thinking of today’s generation of employees we should not just look at it in a perspective of employees just maintaining a stable lifestyle but as per how passion and potential can be untapped.

Aside from choosing the right candidate with top notch credentials that you feel suits your company perfectly, it is safe to consider how you can unleash passion to create satisfaction and success in the workplace.

First and foremost communicating a strategic vision and compelling purpose in both the recruitment process and ongoing retention strategy is staying ahead of the game. Companies that are forward thinking in this regard have an edge because they do not just consider returns but also continue to prioritize how their young employees envision the company. Evaluating a company’s culture, strategizing where necessary for achievement of organizational goals and even having a positive impact on the society encourages younger workers to invest their time, energy and careers.  When a meaningful, world-bettering vision is consistently communicated and prioritized as a cornerstone of the company, employees are much more likely to buy into that narrative and contribute their best effort to the outcome.

When thinking of today’s younger employees, you should look at them as valuable assets or allies that will continue to fly the company flag up high, but remember they will only follow if they are compelled to go where the company is headed.

On the other hand a company that embraces social media is also a step ahead because it is no longer about what you can offer but the stories you can tell that have an impact on the masses. Smart companies are embracing this new norm which is why they seek young talent as social media experts to maintain their edge. Having millennials who are basically born into the social media realm makes it easy to stay on your toes while continuing to create a wider outreach to more online communities. 

Young people basically view the workplace as an extension of their social media circle where they share their experiences and interests. This can be a positive thing for employers, especially if the company is active in the community, promotes volunteerism, and creates other opportunities for employees to contribute and give back. Younger-gen employees will see these opportunities as fun experiences they want to share with their social circles, creating positive buzz around the company. 

Another not so popular opinion is eliminating a safety net for young adults. When we talk of a safety net we mean comfort zone. So many kids after college stay with their parents and overtime cozy up and therefore limit their career prospects because they have a back up plan. If parents can encourage young adults to be more independent and self sufficient it could help them succeed in today’s economy. A career journey can begin as early as primary school,one shouldn’t wait too long to make a career move. Robust, comprehensive, purpose-driven career exploration should become a cornerstone for all institutions.

Employers can also create awareness of job opportunities that are categorized as “Not cool” “Less sophisticated” by today’s young professionals. Let’s agree that most young people are looking for cutting edge, exciting careers but the reality is that for the foreseeable future the underrated job opportunities will take over and even provide a more satisfying lifestyle. Employers should create awareness not just about the careers they’re offering but also about the lifestyle that such a career can help you afford. This Generation is all about experiences and lifestyle. The career, believe it or not, is secondary to those things.

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