4 Interview Tips To Make A Lasting Impression

May 27, 2021

3 minutes

You have probably heard or read so many interview techniques to ace that job interview, but I am here today to give you a slight twist to make that interview process count. First and foremost, think of it as more of telling a story. There is no better way of telling a story than becoming completely familiar and in tune with it. Here is how to present yourself professionally using the art of storytelling to your benefit.

1. Master your personal brand

You might have got advice to the tune of “be confident” which is a great way to look at things. It gives you a positive mindset in any challenge you take up in life even when you want to walk away from an interview session with a job offer in hand. Here is the deal! My best advice to you would be to have a strong sense of your personal brand and effectively control your message. Any great storyteller would tell you that having a clear central message is fundamental to a successful story.

Life is a negotiation, therefore, figure out your ultimate brand message while focusing on core strengths and capabilities. Everyone has great talents, so working with what makes you unique in certain criteria will not only prove that you are self-aware and know what you want but also create a lasting impression with your hiring manager. Remember, the best personal brands are very specific!

2. Tell your story

Now that you are set with a brand message that speaks for you professionally, we now move on to using your personal experiences to your advantage. If storytellers use their personal life experiences to craft their narrative, then what is holding you back from the same. Seeking inspiration from real-life events that led up to your professional experience today should be another major key to a successful interview.

There may be a tendency to hold back on such stories, but the fact is everyone, even your hiring manager or hiring team loves a good story. Therefore, think of personal experiences that align with your professional experience and use that to your advantage. Make the message precise and compelling enough to even draw the attention of that checked-out interviewer in a long-standing interview process.

3. Highlight your strengths and skills

Thirdly, avoid beating your own drum. “I am hardworking and focused.” Sounds quite cliché, right? Of course, you are but so is any other individual on the planet. Endeavor to increase engagement and willingness to your message without necessarily being the hero of your own story instead focus on lessons learnt and how you reached significant milestones highlighting struggles, failures, and barriers overcome.

With that, also remember that “Less is more” so avoid inundating your interviewer with unnecessary details. If it does not advance the story, then it is probably not worth mentioning. Another million-dollar tip is to position yourself for each role. I can bet your job searching is never easy but what is to stop you if you amour yourself with relevant techniques to make every job hunt worthwhile. The idea is to think about your talents and skills and then with the job description as your guideline, focus on the most relevant ones to the position you are applying for.

4. Practice

Lastly, practice makes perfect. Hone your interview skills and you might just get the gist of it. Get a friend, loved one, or colleague to practice with, learn how industry leaders craft and deliver stories whether in interviews, memoirs or speeches and relate that to your goals as a job seeker. 

Finally, stay positive and keep an open mind from job search all the way to the interview process.

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