How to stay upbeat in your career amid coronavirus ravage

Oct 14, 2020

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With the coronavirus pandemic thousands have faced catastrophic losses in businesses and many employees have been laid off as a result of the plunging economic situation in the nation. Kenyan professionals  who have lost their jobs are looking to find a way to get back into employment which has not been the easiest of circumstances for most. Just as the way many companies and organizations are managing risks by subsidizing and laying off employees to stay afloat in these turbulent economic times so should every individual take necessary steps to adjust to the changing job markets and unprecedented work environments. 

It is with the hit of a global pandemic that technology has proven to be revolutionary especially in many economies of the world. This means that many job descriptions are proving redundant or even irrelevant – in the years to come. If this is not a wake up call to make a different move in your career then i do not know what is. 

Here are tips to keep up with the prevailing economic times and avoid falling behind.

Self development and learning

It does not harm to learn something new during this recession especially by improving your technological skills and competences as you discover what it is you want to learn and the specific goals you want to achieve.

Another aspect that will be very valuable during this time is persistence. As an employee you can be indispensable by maintaining resilience in your work and not being laid back. Maintaining connections, being thorough, learning and asking questions will make you a desirable candidate at your workplace.

For those who have recently graduated, researching and taking time to speak to experienced mentors in your area will help you narrow down the focus area and then using the multitude of resources available to gain the knowledge. Aim to develop marketable skills in an area that you are passionate about while building your network.

Never stop networking

In this day and age maintaining close relationships career wise is the best move. If you wake up every morning thinking of how to diversify, networking is the best solution for you. You should never take a break from building your network as a professional or businessperson. The worst move is building a network when you desperately need one.

Focus outside your geographical location as well. Businesses operate more globally and are more culturally diverse than ever before.

Chances are that your co-workers, clients and stakeholders now have a global reach. The more experience you can get of working with them, the more confident you’ll be and the more access to opportunities you will have.

Reflect on your role and your career

Before the pandemic froze your lives and careers you probably operated on autopilot mode, meaning not every job is a walk in the park and as exciting as the next. However it is safe to say that you can take advantage of this period to thoroughly think about your interests and specific career goals in order to align them with your future goals.

Don’t let your career drive you. Take hold of your career, and drive it in the direction you want. Identifying your preferences will make your path clearer.

Curate your brand

Your daily activities contribute to your brand. It is a very competitive world and therefore discovering What sets you apart? What will be your impact on the world? Is a key step.

Consider setting up your portfolio in a way that communicates your passions or expertise in your profession. It is great to keep an open mind and seek professional guidance from a mentor as you navigate your career ambitions and shape your future.

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