Insider Tips for Landing the Best Online Jobs in Kenya

May 17, 2024

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Did you know Kenya’s digital space is burgeoning with opportunities for online income? Recent statistics show that many Kenyan youth and entrepreneurs have undergone digital literacy training in the past few years. Nearly half of these individuals reported a noticeable increase in income after applying their digital skills to online marketing, e-commerce, and other online job opportunities. If you’re looking for employment in Kenya, consider exploring remote roles open to anyone who can showcase their remote-relevant skills effectively. Applying insider tips on preparing, searching, and pitching for remote positions will significantly enhance your chances of securing the best online jobs in Kenya.

Preparation Tips

1.  Self-Reflect Before You Start Your Online Job Search

Before diving into your online job search, engage in self-reflection to clarify your goals and intentions. Address questions like: Am I seeking new challenges or exploring digital opportunities? Would my current employer support remote work? What value do I expect a remote job to add to my life? Reflecting on these questions will help you determine whether you are prepared to deal with the opportunity costs of online job searching.

2.  Research the Online Job Market

Conduct thorough research on the online job market to identify companies and industries offering remote roles with competitive compensation. Additionally, research and identify the in-demand skills and qualifications in the remote job market to tailor your search and applications accordingly.

3.  Identify your Interests and Remote-Relevant Skills

When seeking remote jobs, you must determine the skills you can offer and the value you can add to your potential employer. Ask yourself: What are you good at? Do you have remote-relevant skills you can leverage to get online jobs? Can you present your talents, personality traits, and/or hobbies as high-demand skills that position you as a valuable candidate in the remote job market? Identifying your interests will help you determine the remote job niche you are best suited for and allow you to emphasise your abilities that align with remote job requirements.

4.  Hone Your Skills

Skills are critical to remote workers because they assure potential employers that you can “get work done.” Enroll for skill-specific courses that offer certificates upon completion, and include the credentials acquired in your online professional profile. Credentials increase your credibility and position you as an ideal candidate for the best online jobs in Kenya.

Job Search Tips

1.  Use Company Websites and Job Search Engines

A great place to start your job search is on job search engines and websites like and LinkedIn. Many companies post open positions on such platforms, which allow you to filter listed roles by location, title, and salary. Alternatively, if you are interested in working for a specific organisation, you can start your job search on the company’s website. Organisations often list open roles on their websites under the “career section.”

2.  Target  Smaller Job Boards and Niche-Specific Aggregators 

Job searching is a person-specific experience that varies among job seekers. While one person may prefer to sift through thousands of job postings on job boards like Linkedin, another may prefer smaller job sites like Elevolt, BrighterMonday Kenya, and Career Point Kenya. Using smaller job boards for your job search can be more efficient because of less competition, specialized features and tools for improved job matching, and personalized career support.

3.  Check Out Remote-Specific Job Boards

Did you know there are job boards that only post remote jobs? To land the best online jobs, consider starting your search on websites like JustRemote, Remote Woman, and NoDesk. These sites offer a variety of remote job listings in different industries, making it easier for you to find the kind of online roles you prefer.   

4.  Use Specific Phrases or Keywords in Your Online Job Search

When searching for remote roles on online job search engines, use keywords like “remote,” “work from home (WFH),” and “telecommute” to optimise your search. Keywords increase your chances of finding the best online jobs in Kenya that match your interests, skills, and salary expectations.

5.  Sign Up for Job Alerts

Most job search engines will prompt you to sign up for job alerts related to your searches. You should say “yes” to them. Job alerts via email or text message ensure you learn about open positions immediately they go live. Alerts allow you to apply for roles among the first candidates, increasing your chances of landing the best online jobs in Kenya.

Tips on How to Pitch Yourself

1.  Create an Online Professional Brand

In today’s digital job market, many managers and recruiters use professional networking sites and social media to find and assess candidates. Hence, those interested in landing the best online jobs in Kenya must create a career-boosting online presence to increase their visibility to potential employers.  

Building a professional online brand starts with creating and optimising a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn allows professionals to showcase their personal brands, skills, and experiences. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is current and polished, and highlights your remote-specific abilities to increase your chances of landing the best online jobs in Kenya.   

You can reinforce your online professional brand by creating professional social media accounts and keeping your personal accounts clean. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can create Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that solely showcase your professional prowess. Update and maintain your professional social accounts regularly to increase your chances of getting hired and building your network. It’s advisable to keep your personal and professional accounts separate or refrain from sharing images or comments that may misrepresent you. 

An online portfolio is another tool that can benefit your professional brand. Online portfolios are vital to remote workers because they allow candidates to showcase their abilities and skills to potential employers. Your online portfolio should showcase your remote-specific skills, work samples, contact information, testimonials, and achievements. A well-defined online professional brand will help you land the best online jobs in Kenya.

2.  Make Your Resume and Cover Letter Remote-Specific

A customised resume and cover letter communicate that you are genuinely interested in the job (s) you are applying for, increasing your likelihood of landing the best online jobs in Kenya. When writing your CV and cover letter for remote positions, highlight your remote-specific communication and technical skills, such as experience with cloud-based file-sharing platforms and collaboration tools. This demonstrates your ability to work effectively in a remote environment, a highly attractive quality to potential employers.

Moreover, as you customise your resume and cover letter for remote roles, use keywords from the job description to increase visibility with hiring managers and ensure compatibility with ATS. Most importantly, always proofread your CV and cover letter to eliminate any errors before submitting them.

3.  Network!

Your network is critical to starting your remote-based career. Reach out to your connections on LinkedIn and other social media sites and inform them of the kind of job you are looking for. People in your network can invite you to apply for open positions in their organisations or refer you to potential employers looking for candidates with your skill set.

Furthermore, don’t limit your networking to virtual spaces only, even if you are looking for remote roles. Consider engaging in in-person networking sessions and live virtual networking events to increase your chances of landing the best online jobs in Kenya.

4.  Reach Out to Hiring Managers Directly

If you are interested in working with a specific company that has yet to post a position for which you’re qualified, consider contacting the hiring manager directly. Consider cold calling or email correspondence to communicate your intention to work with the company and emphasise your value proposition. 

Making a cold call or emailing a hiring manager may not assure you of an immediate job offer. However, it can help you establish a connection with the manager who may consider you for unadvertised job openings or invite you to apply for future job roles.


In conclusion, proper preparation, job search, and pitching criteria are critical to securing the best online jobs in Kenya. Applying these tips will help you kickstart or advance your online career, allowing you the freedom to define how you work.  

Are you ready to take the plunge and kick-start your online career? Let’s do this! 

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