Kick Start Your Year On A Different Note

Dec 9, 2020

4 minutes

The world has relentlessly shoved lemons at all of us and we cannot deny being discouraged and almost depressed as a natural response to what is happening. Regardless of the current state of things, we should not allow ourselves to wallow in negativity and self-pity but instead have renewed energy and faith to change circumstances in our favour. Here are a few points on how to get your life, career plan in check.

At the moment you might feel like the world is conspiring against you but the reality is your situation may not even be half of the situation another person is going through. You may be questioning your career goals, the course you took up, and even if you’ll ever achieve your big break. The truth of the matter is it’s hardly the time to be beating yourself up about what you don’t have or are yet to accomplish. Success is not something that happens in a day or even a month, or a year you just have to cut yourself some slack because no one builds an empire in a day.
If you are a young graduate starting in the current economy and everything seems so farfetched, don’t give up on that career search. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them, restrategize, and continue building your network. If you are a professional, don’t just do the same things expecting different results, try pitching new ideas and strategies of job execution, and if you feel like your position is redundant and you have been able to achieve what you had set out to do then it’s about time start looking into other job prospects. More to that, don’t pursue or remain in a profession only because it makes your parents happy or is viewed as a high-status job that will impress the people around you. You don’t want to look back with regret in your old age and say you should have done what you really wanted.

Some people tend to compare themselves to others in most circumstances people who are more successful as compared to them. We are not on the same track race and neither do we have the same values, skills, temperament, and abilities. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you are today against the person you were yesterday. Appreciate what you have and not what you lack. Dig deep and discover your desires and ambitions and slowly work towards them. Engage with your inner self, embrace mental health, tranquility, and beauty, don’t sweat the small stuff. There is a lot more to live for than just your current predicament, life is short so make it worthwhile.
Evaluate what you’re doing on a daily basis to ensure that you’re using your time and energy wisely on meaningful and fruitful endeavors. If you recognize that you’ve headed in a direction that runs counter to your goals or violates your principles, pump the breaks, and change direction. Engage with people who will build you rather than stall you. Truth is, you are who you engage or interact with and that being said you need people who matter, people who offer constructive criticism, and people who are ready to push you to further heights. You should nip toxic relationships and friendships in the bud. Seek out and spend your valuable time with supportive, loving, caring, and empathetic people. Find friends and co-workers who are also positive-thinking and have a growth-oriented mindset.

Lastly, don’t just speak on what you want to achieve, start putting in the work. Sit still, listen and evaluate yourself as you continue to grow personally and professionally. Your goals may alter but only a keen mind will hit the brakes and reevaluate the direction they are taking. Explore your limits and mind-blowing opportunities you never thought possible. It’s your time and only you can own it. Seek to learn more, read, and improve yourself socially, professionally, and intellectually. Your year will be brighter and much more promising than it seems at the moment so, get out of that comfort zone and take 2021 like a champ!

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