5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating a Job Offer

Sep 4, 2023

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You’ve gone through the application, had your interview, and now you’ve got a job offer. Congratulations! It’s exciting, but don’t accept it yet. It’s in your best interest to pause and consider if this job aligns with your personal and professional goals. Feeling a bit lost about where to begin? Well, here are some key questions you can ask yourself when evaluating careers in Kenya.

Is this what I want for the Next Phase of my Career?

To determine if a job is suitable for you, it’s important to understand your motivation for seeking a new job. This will greatly impact your job satisfaction and long-term success.

Start by identifying what motivates you; it could be more money, challenges, or a sense of purpose. Then, assess whether the work environment aligns with your values and preferred style of work. Ask yourself questions like “What type of environment do I excel in?” or “Do I prefer working independently, in a team, or both?”

Make sure you fully understand the job role and its requirements. Request a detailed description, and if necessary, talk to management for clarification. Lastly, consider whether the job will help you develop and leverage your skills and strengths for success.

Does the Company’s Values and Mission Align with Mine?

You would not go into a romantic relationship without determining if you are compatible. The same principle applies when joining a new employer. Ideally, make sure the company’s mission resonates with your personal values and beliefs or what is important to you.

For instance, if you’re a big supporter of environmental causes like Greenpeace and you find out that the company you’re considering supports activities like whaling, it is quite evident that this is NOT the right job for you, regardless of how much they pay you. Make sure that you align your beliefs with what the company stands for. You can reach out to people within the company or make new connections on LinkedIn to provide insights into the company’s culture.

Is This Job a Good Fit for My Lifestyle?

When considering if a job is a good fit for your lifestyle, think about the location, commute time and even preferred working set-up. Ask yourself if the job’s demands align with your personal life and responsibilities. 

A job that requires a lot of time away from home may not be ideal for a new parent or someone who just doesn’t enjoy traveling for work. Conversely, a job where there is no travel at all could quickly become boring for an employee with a wanderlust.  Also, consider remote or flexible work options that complement your lifestyle and personal objectives when exploring careers in Kenya.

Is the Compensation Package Competitive?

A company can offer more than your current job pays, but it may be based on industry averages. The ideal time to negotiate your salary is when a company is eager to bring onboard you. The initial compensation offered typically doesn’t reflect the maximum offer potential.

When negotiating, it’s essential to have facts and figures from market research. Your salary expectations should be based on the market rate, not your personal financial obligations. In addition to salary, carefully evaluate the rest of the compensation package, such as health benefits, paid time off, stock options, and signing bonuses. Check if your company offers education and training opportunities that could include tuition reimbursement, workshops, or access to online courses if you are interested in professional development. Many of these benefits may be open to negotiation.

Am I Trying to Get Out of a Bad Situation?

If you’re looking to leave a toxic workplace, it may be tempting to jump at the first job offer that comes your way. However, if you rush the process or disregard any reservations you may have about the new job, you may discover that the grass isn’t always greener.

You can never be absolutely certain that a job will be the perfect fit for you, even if everything appears to line up and look good on paper. Everything can change at any time, management, mergers or even economic downturns. It’s crucial to approach job decisions with a degree of flexibility and adaptability.

Before accepting a job offer, take time to evaluate your feelings towards the role and the company to make an informed decision.


Deciding whether to accept a job offer requires careful consideration and evaluation. Answering these questions can help you make confident decisions for successful fulfilling careers in Kenya.

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