Top Careers in Kenya: Your Ultimate Guide

Jun 2, 2023

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Finding top careers in Kenya right out of college used to be a seamless process, but the job market has evolved, and it’s time to embrace these changes. Don’t worry, though—it’s still possible to find a job with the right approach. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about finding top careers in Kenya. Keep reading!

Identify Your Skills and Interests

Start by making a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Consider the subjects you excel in and the areas where you have received formal training or qualification. Think about the work environment that suits you best, the values that matter to you, and any relevant certificates or degrees you have. Brainstorm the industries, companies, and roles that align with your skills and interests.

Attend Networking Events

Attending local networking events and job fairs is crucial. These events provide an opportunity to get your name out there and build new connections. You can learn about job openings and gain insights into the Kenyan job market. Additionally, networking helps you establish valuable relationships across different industries, which can open doors for job opportunities.

Supplement Your Job Search with Job Boards and Websites

Make use of online job boards to explore top careers in Kenya. Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor allow you to search for specific jobs in specific locations and receive relevant job alerts. Create a user profile, upload your resume and qualifications, and explore the desired job positions. Similarly, employers and recruiters can post job openings and find suitable candidates for their roles.

To narrow down your search, you can also check out industry-specific job websites which may list jobs within your profession. Remember that you can’t solely rely on job boards for a successful job search, you have to be proactive and strategic to improve your chances at a desired job.

Research Companies

Researching companies is essential for discovering what makes them ideal for your career goals. Look into their values, mission, goals, and available job positions. By exploring their websites and reviews, you can gain insight into the employer brand and identify any areas where they excel or have room for improvement. Doing your research will ensure that you make informed decisions when targeting top careers in Kenya.

Establish a Strong Professional Brand

In today’s competitive world, your resume alone isn’t enough to build your professional identity. Creating a personal brand helps you establish trust, credibility, and long-lasting professional relationships. Consider maintaining a consistent online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or through a professional website or blog. Make sure your online presence reflects your brand identity, values, and maintains consistency in messaging and tone of voice.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Following up after an interview or networking event is essential. Sending a quick email or thank-you note to the interviewer shows appreciation and leaves a lasting impression. It’s an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position and remind the hiring manager why you’re an excellent candidate. Following up also applies to networking—send a direct email or LinkedIn message, referencing your previous conversation and suggesting a future meet-up or collaboration.

Get Your Resume Right

Before embarking on your job search, ensure that your resume is well-crafted. A winning resume can help you stand out in a competitive job market. Here are five tips to perfect your resume:

  1. Keep it short and relevant.
  2. Highlight unique skills and strengths relevant to the job.
  3. Customize your resume for each application.
  4. Use strong action verbs and quantify your achievements.
  5. Review and format your resume to be compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Pursue Volunteering Gigs and Internships

Volunteering gigs and internships offer valuable industry experience and contacts, making them an excellent way to get your foot in the door of a desired company or organization. Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, or seeking a career change, these opportunities can enhance your skills and boost your career journey.

Tap into the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market refers to opportunities not publicized by employers. These positions are often filled through internal recruitment, word of mouth, or employee referral programs. To access the hidden job market, leverage your networking skills and connections creatively. Research companies you’re interested in, reach out to colleagues or employers, and explore potential opportunities that require your skills and talents. Additionally, alumni associations and networking groups can serve as alternative resources for making new connections and gaining insights into the job market.


To secure top careers in Kenya, leverage all available resources and the skills you’ve acquired to give yourself an edge over other candidates. Start your job hunt today and find your dream job with Elevolt. If you found this article helpful, feel free to explore the rest of our webpage for more job search insights.

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